When partnering or investing in a property we provide the following:


CREATIVE- any creators are at capacity with maintaining their YouTube presence. The demand of posting regular content often doesn't allow them to think beyond the next video. Made In Network has in-house production teams whose main objective is to seamlessly to take over day-to-day work on current programs and assist in the development of new shows, relieving the workload of the creator. Alleviating this workload allows the creator tothink big picture and act on opportunities as they arise without worrying about an upcoming release.

STRATEGY/SALES- We stay loyal to the creative vision of our channels that led to their success. This means vetting potential partnerships and opportunities to ensure that they add to the consumer experience, monetizing the audience in a way that will allow the brand to accomplish its long-term goals.

OFF PLATFORM MEDIA- Different outlets have different rules, and the transition to non-YouTube media can be difficult for creators. We have staff with the expertise and relationships in other media who can find the right opportunities for a brand. Whether it's developing a video game, recording and releasing music, creating a live show or something completely unique, we build teams around projects that can carry these ideas through to success.

BACK OFFICE- As we build YouTube channels into broader businesses, we also provide the back office that can oversee the legal and administrative needs that come up along the way.  

DEVELOPMENT SERVICES- Design and development are a vital piece of building digital brands. Whether it's creating a new digital product, an owned and operated website, or a mobile app, we have the resources to make that happen.  We have also developed our own digital servicing productthat allows us to better connect creatorswith opportunities to distribute their content.