Building a channel on YouTube requires a deep understanding of the dynamics of the platform.  A successful strategy has to consider viewers, creators, production, analytics, and outreach, and each of these through the lens of what the channel is trying to accomplish. Made In Network is able to create successful YouTube channels because it understands and can execute every step of the process:


DEFINING SUCCESS - One of the most important things to recognize at the outset of building a channel is that success can mean a lot of different things. That's why we first work to set priorities with our partners and develop a strategy that will target those goals. Whether the goal is overall viewership, brand exposure, direct conversions to sales, beautiful creative, or some combination, Made In Network can create a channel to fit your definition of success.


OPTIMIZATION - Once we are on the same page regarding goals and priorities, we take a look at any preexisting content. You may already have videos posted to YouTube and, if so, we can make sure that you're getting the most out of them. From SEO, to visual asset creation, we can take what you have and make it work before creating any new content.


CONTENT - We then move to the most important step in the process. Nothing else matters if your content fails to engage your audience. We create cost effective content that appeals to viewers and keeps them engaged over time. We know the formats that work, best practices for posting, and have the creative teams and resources to deliver content that maintains consistent quality.


BUILDING VIEWERSHIP - Before people can start viewing and sharing your content, people need to at least be aware that the content exists. We have several ways to generate awareness so that the channel can grow a dedicated audience over time.


1. MEDIA SPEND - YouTube specific media buys can be a great way to achieve a base level of viewership that can then be converted into organic growth. We know how to make media buys targeted and efficient.

2. INFLUENCERS - The greatest currency on YouTube is trust. Influencers have influence because the trust that they've built with their audience. Working with them is a great way to begin generating your relationship of trust with those viewers. As a longstanding part of the YouTube community, we know how to communicate and work with influencers to get the most impact for your brand and drive viewership to the content we've created.

3. PUBLICATIONS - People find content in a variety of sources. Online publications, sites, and blogs can provide great visibility for your content if they choose to feature it. We have built relationships with many of these publications and we understand how to strategize and create to garner earned media for your channel and videos.