You’ve heard of Rock the Vote, but have you heard of YouTube the Vote?  It’s not so much a movement, but it’s a reflection in the way access to and use of digital content has changed the way we participate in the election process here in the United States.

The second Presidential debate showed a decline in traditional broadcast viewership, but showed a whopping 40 percent increase on YouTube.

According to YouTube, viewers tuned into its livestream for an average of 25 minutes. Altogether, though, they watched 2.5 million hours of the livestream. That’s still smaller than the total TV hours watched, but it’s nearly six times more views than YouTube received in 2012.” - Wired

YouTube also noted that all three digital broadcasts collectively marked the most-watched political live streams of all time.  The borderless effect of the streams allowed the rest of the world to witness the often spirited dialogue between the two primary U.S. Presidential Candidates.

Map courtesy of YouTube

Map courtesy of YouTube

So, now that we’re close to Election Day, take note of the change in how you (and the rest of world) watch the results!