Success on YouTube for B2B businesses is rarely immediate; it takes dedication and attention to long-term marketing goals. One of our favorite video marketing online blogs from Tubular Insights (formerly Reel SEO) recently posted a great article geared toward the "four S's" of a long-tail marketing plan on YouTube. Unlike other social platforms that support video, getting great results on YouTube over a period of time depends on focusing on Sharing, Suggesting, Searching, and Subscribing.

Instead of being a feed-based social network, traffic on YouTube essentially comes from the four S's: Sharing, Suggesting, Searching, and Subscribing. Potential B2B clients find YouTube videos about products, for the most part, because of one of the following factors:

  1.  Sharing: They were directed off-platform via a direct link or from the company, the media, a salesperson directly, or a friend or influencer.
  2. Suggesting: They saw the video in the "suggested videos" column on the right-hand side of the page another YouTube video was on.
  3. Searching: They find them by searching on YouTube or Google.
  4. Subscribing: They subscribe to channels based on their interests and/or personalities, and those channels talked about the products.

You can read the full article that details how to implement the four S's strategically for long-term success on your YouTube channel here.