Work with what you know- and we do. Here at Made In Network, we’re all YouTube channel aficionados as well as experts.  So what do we watch, and why do we love it? This week we grabbed a Made In-er to find out channels they are bingeing on right now and what makes those videos watch-worthy.

What Lindsey's Watching

Tati aka GlamLifeGuru

I’m terrible at makeup. I don’t get it. I might never get it. But, I’ve recently accepted Tati as my makeup guru savior. Drawing me in with the hilarious “WTF?” series that decides whether or not ridiculously expensive makeup products are worth it (spoiler: $180 blush is not going to change anyone’s life), she kept me around with her frank reviews of drug store products. The thing I love the most about Tati is that she doesn’t hold back. Unlike a lot of gurus on this platform, she’s not afraid to tell that a $2 Wet ’N Wild product is not only a dupe for a $45 NARS product, but that it also works better.


Typically I’m not a huge watcher of vloggers, but Bunny’s personality plus her genius why-didn’t-I-think-of-that inducing programming has me hooked.


Cinema Sins

While yes, I’m supposed to say I watch CinemaSins (disclosure: we work with them)—I can 100% say that I actually do. It’s probably one of my most binged channels. Throughout the channel’s evolution, I’ve been exposed to more “female-friendly” versions and I call b.s. Just because I’m repping the Double X’s doesn’t mean I’m not as sick, sad, and dark humored as the rest of you.


Scary, creepy stuff

I am STILL terrified of the girl from The Ring. And yes, I know it’s been almost 15 years. So for whatever reason, even though I still can’t go to sleep with a door cracked even a little, I delight in watching creepy “5 Most Disturbing Internet Mystery,” “5 Most Creepy Ghost Sightings,” “5 Most What the Hell Are You Doing to Yourself, Girl” videos. Some of my favorites come from FactFaction, Top 5s, and (if I’m daring) CreepsMcPasta.



It’s like Buzzfeed, but they’re Irish. As in, they have Irish accents. As in, that’s all I really care about.

Lindsey Hughes is an Anglophile, Celtophile, and the Director of Client Services at Made In Network.