Stacy Pearsall, former Air Force combat photographer, is now on a new mission, and it’s not one chosen by the military. Pearsall’s Veterans Portrait Project is her calling to travel around the United States, capturing soulful portraits of those who have served our country. As Pearsall says in the intro to each video in the series, “the goal of the project is to show that every veteran is an individual and has a unique story.”


USAA teamed up with Made In Network and Stacy Pearsall to bring life to stories that were previously only told in black and white photography. For many of these veterans, this is the first time they are sharing their story, not just with Pearsall and her crew, but with their families and the rest of the world. This series shows the diversity of our country’s veterans, many of whom USAA has the honor of providing services to this Veterans’ Day and every day.

The Veterans Portrait Project 5-part video series can be seen exclusively on USAA’s official YouTube channel


What is the Veterans Portrait Project? introduces USAA and Stacy Pearsall’s video documentation of the Veterans Portrait Project, telling Stacy’s own story of the genesis of the VPP.


Veterans’ Common Bond shows that no matter the conflict or generation, a veteran is a veteran.


Generations of Service focuses on Stacy Pearsall’s journey to Harbor Springs, Michigan, where a large portion of her veteran family resides after their own years of service in various branches of the military.


Veterans' Sacrifice tells the personal stories of veterans- from World War II, to Korea, to Vietnam- their harrowing experiences both during combat and dealing with the jolting reality of civilian life.


A final video to honor Veterans Day will be published on Friday. Be sure to tune in to USAA’s YouTube channel to see veterans talk about what this special day means to them.  

Thank you, Veterans!