(Hint: They’re probably watching YouTube!)

You may have already seen the deluge of articles this week reporting the changing television and video viewership habits of teens. Over the past 15 years, investment and research company Piper Jaffray has been tracking the purchase and entertainment habits of over 140,000 teens and collected over 37 million data points.  The big news from this year’s report is that, for the very first time, YouTube daily viewership eclipsed cable TV daily viewership. It’s a small margin (26% of teens surveyed said they watched YouTube every day and 25% said they watched cable television every day)

Chart via Piper Jaffray

Chart via Piper Jaffray


This is not a surprise to big studios and MCN’s, as we see more and more investment in YouTube original programming from these huge conglomerates trying to adjust to the changing marketplace.

This is another noted shift showing how marketers are choosing to use their dollars to reach this (and other) demographic(s).  Digital advertising is predicted to overtake TV ad spends globally by 2017 and in the U.S. by 2016.


You can read the full report “Taking Stock With Teens” from Piper Jaffray here.