SXSW-ers: it's Panel Picker time!  The last day to vote for your favorite SXSW Panels is September 2, 2016. As most of you know, the conference at SXSW has a history of launching innovative products and bringing together  So, in between your day parties (and night parties), here's a few panels we think will keep you awake during the conference next March in Austin:

Using Data to Discover the Next Big Thing

It's no secret to music business professionals that the data you can now gain access to as an artist can help you and your team make critical decisions that affect touring, marketing, and radio play. It can also help separate the sheep from the goats, which has already proved a massive tool for success for several artists.

Is Jazz School The Next Innovation Incubator?

Having graduated from one of the country's top jazz performance schools, I have to get behind this thinking. Not only does it make me feel better about my student loans, but I've seen first-hand how musicians easily dance on both sides of the brain, launching and leading several successful start-ups. 


Building Your Own Team: Navigate Your Career

Believe it or not, right now is the best time to be an independent musician. Launching and maintaining a sustainable career is never easy, but with a little research, you can put the puzzle pieces together that truly work best for you.

Making News Personal: Livestream and 24/7 News

If you've ever worked anywhere near a newsroom, it's hard to let go of the energy that comes with the rush of new information. Or maybe it's just someone with a loose broadcast journalism background, I've been fascinated to see how mainstream media has taken to the 24/7 "power to the people" live coverage.  It's certainly only becoming more and more relevant to reaching any kind of audience.

Healing Power of Music

This video says it all.

Remember: you do have to create a profile and login in to vote, but isn't it worth it to hear from some of the best and brightest folks in music, technology, journalism and education? The answer is yas

Katy Kirby is the Vice President of Marketing at Made In Network and bestows the "kick-ass marketing of the year" award to Mr. Robot.