Movies make us hungry, so our friends at CinemaSins teamed up with Community Table for the ultimate film inspired culinary experiences. This month's Movie Recipes mash-up kicks off with CinemaSins creators Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson discussing Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge! and what type of meal they think Lady Marmalade might approve. 


Over at Community Table HQ, Kapnos Chef's Jennifer Carroll discusses how she composed a delicious dish based on her interpretation of the Moulin Rouge!, and Chef George Pagonis and Head Chef Mike Isabella share their scintillating steps for creating a few other movie inspired meals. 


A little good ol' fashioned CinemaSins sinning and a lot of eating! Be sure to subscribe to CinemaSins and Community Table's YouTube channels so you can see further interviews with Chef George Pagonis and Head Chef and Kapnos owner Mike Isabella and more great Movie Recipe episodes in the months to come.

Very special thanks to everyone at Kapnos for an extraordinary experience! Next time you visit D.C., do your mouth a favor and give them a visit: