That gigantic global sporting event that we're apparently not allowed to mention kicks off this week.  Significant to this year's event is the use of YouTube and other video platforms to engage and increase global viewership. Google is sending 15 YouTube stars to cover the event as Marketplace reports.  The power and reach of a YouTube influencer is finally being acknowledged by mainstream media outlets and analysts:

“Youtube is hoping to be your one stop shop for any sort of entertainment. No longer will you need an actual television, except to watch things on YouTube,"  Berger said.

"Younger audiences are wired into short videos and instant access to videos," Rick Edmonds said, media business analyst for the Poynter Institute. 

"They have kind of transitioned to a point where their main way of getting information is through the new media and social references — SnapChat, Google, Facebook, etc.," he said. "We certainly know many of them don’t read print newspapers anymore."

New media meets old media...and is taking over.

Meanwhile, here are all the ways you can catch the games if you don't have cable.

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