Advertising Week 2016 has officially ended, but there’s no doubt that a big topic was how video has revolutionized the advertising and marketing world.  Both YouTube and Facebook video  have changed the way consumers digest all types of content. For the advertising and marketing community, video in general is considered the future of marketing.

Despite the recent controversy concerning their miscalculations of video metrics, Facebook was out in full force during Ad Week in New York discussing their views on the shifts and changes in the online advertising marketplace. Video (especially video on mobile) is a huge opportunity for even the smallest brands. According to Facebook, 85 percent of businesses use Facebook for mobile and only 40 percent are creating ads specifically for mobile Facebook users. Google says that 92 percent of YouTube viewers watch YouTube on a mobile device when they are at home, so adding mobile video advertising into your video strategy is key to reaching consumers.

If YouTube is indeed the “new TV,” then brands that are adopting video content strategy now have the early edge to reach their couch consumers. According to Google, almost 50% of Internet viewers searched for videos related to a product before visiting a store. The democratization of video advertising by online platforms like YouTube gives even the smallest businesses or brands a chance to reach and gain new customers in the same manner that large brands do. Purchase intent is 150% higher from paid YouTube TrueView ads than from TV ads. Concerning both the measurable and non-tangible ROI from video ads on YouTube, wrapping YouTube ads into an overall video strategy isn’t just the future of a successful plan, it’s the now.

So, as we’re heading into the holidays, now is the time for brands and businesses to make sure that their video advertising strategy is in place (!) and diverse. Here are 4 great tips from Google on how to make sure your online media planning is successful.