24HR Records’ latest musical feast, known as Tripple, combines the tasty sounds of singer/guitarist Justin Tam (Humming House), multi-instrumentalist gun for hire Juan Solorzano (Night Beds, Joseph LeMay, and many more), and singer/songwriter Brooke Waggoner (solo artist, member of Jack White’s backup band, The Peacocks). Tripple is an easy listen, but not without its unexpected and delightful surprises. Their sound is sleek, sultry, and complex. “Never Began” pairs sleepy piano with a pulsing beat and reveals a lush soundscape courtesy of Solorzano’s expansive guitar work. Tam reveals a different side of his abilities in the verses with his hushed vocals reminiscent of Elliot Smith. Waggoner beautifully delivers vocals on the choruses and melds harmonies with seamlessly with Tam. “Over Again” shifts into the stripped down and soulful stylings for which Waggoner is well-known. Solorzano’s bass line anchors the song’s groove against a static drum machine while Tam delivers a brilliant ukulele solo that arrives totally out of left field, yet perfectly in place all at the same time. For any of the Feist fans out there - this track is for you. Tripple goes out with a bang on their final track, “Hope in my Head”, which delivers the rock band version of Humming House you never knew you wanted so badly. Tam spearheads this track with vocals and driving electric guitar while Solorzano and Waggoner fill out the rest of the sound with drums, bass, and keys. Enough of our talking though - go watch the video and take a listen for yourself. You’re gonna like it.